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MEDIOGRID – Parallel and distributed graphical processing on Grid structure of geographical and environment data

Year: 2008
Type of Publication: Online source
Keywords: Satellite images, Grid services, Meteorology, Environment supervising, Parallel processing
Authors: Gorgan, Dorian
The supervising of critical and atypical behavior of the natural and meteorological phenomena like floods, fires, storms, rainfalls, droughts, and strong winds – for our continent and particularly for Romania, requires a huge volume of surveillance data and extremely powerful real time computation. Satellite image processing provides such supervising information, but through an intensive computation of massive data and, therefore, it raises several difficulties or even impossibilities while being using one single computer. Moreover, the analysis and sharing of the huge amount of data provided daily by the space satellites is a major challenge for the remote sensing community. Recently, Grid-based platforms were built to address these issues. This paper presents the MedioGrid platform developed to enable remote sensing image processing for environmental problems, like studying the vegetation or preventing river floods.