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Satellite Image Interpolation and Analysis through GreenView Application

Year: 2010
Type of Publication: In Proceedings
Authors: Mihon, Dănuț; Bâcu, Victor; Mészáros, Róbert; Gelybó, Györgyi; Gorgan, Dorian
Earth Science data and particularly the satellite images supplies important information on status and dynamics of earth covering vegetation. The development of environment applications is a challenge for Grid technologies and software development methodologies. This paper exemplifies and experiments the development of the GreenView application by the Grid Application Development Methodology. The paper highlights through the ESIP and gProcess platforms based methodology the steps of the GreenView implementation. The application reveals two main functionalities - refinement of the satellite image resolution, and the field measurements based calibration of the satellite image. The paper presents as well the experiments on the GreenView execution over the See-Grid infrastructure.