Computer Graphics and Interactive Systems

Computer Graphics and
Interactive Systems Laboratory


Computer Graphics and Interactive Systems group supports education activities in the domains of Computer Science and Information Technology at all three levels of education - Bachelor, Master, and Doctoral.

All the education materials for course, laboratory and project activities are available through the Course Resources Server.


Bachelor courses


Master courses


PhD Thesis


Graduate project and Master Thesis

  • Computer Graphics
  • Graphics modeling and visualization
  • Graphical processing systems
  • Graphics cluster based modeling and visualization
  • Graphical user interaction technniques
  • Particle based modeling and user interaction techniques
  • Web technologies
  • Usability engineering in graphics applications
  • Graphical interaction techniques in eLearning applications
  • eLearning environment development methodologies
  • Teaching material development by eLeaning environment
  • Collaborative interactive graphics applications
  • Spatial data modeling, processing and visualization
  • Grid oriented tools and applications development
  • High performance computation
  • Parallel and distributed computation
  • Virtual reality oriented tools and user interaction techniques