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Teza de doctorat - Danut Mihon

Doctorand: Vasile-Dănuţ Mihon

Conducător științific: Dorian Gorgan

Titlul: Metodologii de dezvoltare a aplicaţiilor interactive pentru prelucrarea şi vizualizarea datelor spaţiale (Interactive applications development methodologies for spatial data processing and visualization)

Rezumat             Abstract

Lucrarea de doctorat: Teza (Thesis)

Rezumat scurt: The availability of large volume of spatial data, broadband Internet access, high storage and processing capability devices, and the Web technologies accelerate the usage of geographic information into our daily lives. The Earth Science related domains (e.g. hydrology, meteorology, air and water pollution, etc.) offer standard services for storing, processing, analyzing, and visualizing spatial data of different types and formats. One of the main research directions of this thesis is to define a methodology for developing applications that provide solutions for all the previous mentioned issues. The theoretical concepts are inspired from the mathematical graphs theory that facilitates the flexible and interactive description of the complex use cases. The nodes represent specific geospatial algorithms while the graph's edges define the entire data flow of the scenario. The processing of large volume of spatial data is another research direction that was intensively studied within this thesis. In order to achieve this goal, a complex data model was defined that is able to represent large use case scenarios (experiments, phenomena) that take place in the real world or that are simulated for specific purposes. The processing term refers to the actual execution of algorithms that manage the spatial data in various forms, such as: the classification of geographic areas based on vegetation indices formula, the creation of thematic maps, the prediction of water quantity/quality for specific hydrological catchments, etc. Due to the fact that the outputs of the complex phenomena (experiments, scenarios) are usually visualized by various categories of users, it is important to present this information in an easy to understand manner, such as: results overlapped onto the interactive maps, dynamic charts, static images, statistics and text-based data, etc. The proposed solutions recommend the usage of standard services for improving the data visualization and analysis that also implies the concept of data sharing. The OGC standard provides the best methods for visualizing remote data, and retrieving them in a highly interactive manner. The spatial data visualization process also involves the identification of a common set of interaction techniques that should be integrated onto multiple platforms, in order to simplify the user related actions for accessing, retrieving, visualizing, and analyzing data, regardless of their storage location. The theoretical concepts proposed within this thesis are used for developing the GreenLand interactive platform that provides useful features for modeling, processing, and visualizing various formats of spatial data.

Data sustinerii: 18.10.2013, Ora 12:00

Locația: Amfiteatrul D21, str. G. Barițiu, nr. 28