About IASON Virtual Meeting Place

IASON Virtual Center has been created through the IASON FP7 Project that has the ultimate goal to establish a permanent and sustainable Network of scientific and non-scientific institutions, stakeholders and private sector enterprises belonging in the EU and third countries located in two significant areas: The Mediterranean and the Black Sea regions.

The main focal points of the project will be the usage and application of Earth Observation (EO) in the following topics:

IASON aims to build on the experiences gained by 5 FP7 funded projects, OBSERVE, enviroGRIDS, GEONETCab, EGIDA, and BalkanGEONet. All these projects are focused on enhancing EO capacities, knowledge and technology in the EU and in neighborhood countries. During their execution time they managed to establish links with a critical mass of research institutions, organizations, public organizations, stakeholders, and policy makers in the Balkan region, the Mediterranean, and the Black Sea Basin.

The main purpose of IASON Virtual Center is to create a virtual meeting place that will enhance communication between stakeholders, research institutes, and end-users fostering cooperation and empowering synergies in all addressed regions. In order to ensure the necessary capabilities the Virtual Center has been developed based on eGLE Platform that provides advanced tools for creating complex resources in Earth Observation domain.

Using the functionality of eGLE, all the members of the Virtual Center can create resources that include features like: