eGLE Platform

eGLE e-Learning Development Environment has been developed by the Computer Graphics and Interactive Systems research center from the Technical University of Cluj-Napoca. Since the project phase, the main focus of the eGLE Platform has been to allow people with non-technical knowlege to create complex educational resources that benefit from distributed data sources, HPC architectures, dedicated clusters and learning through interactivity.

Due to the adaptability and flexibility of its architecture, the eGLE Platform is suited for the development of any materials that aims to integrate into a unitary visual presentation the outcome of different web services (ex. OGC web services), dedicated clusters (ex. remote graphics clusters) or other processing architectures and, eventually, to allow the viewer to interact and query these underlying systems.

Instances of eGLE Platform

eGLE application has been initially developed through the GiSHEO project – On Demand Grid Services for High Education and Training in Earth Observation, and supported by European Space Agency through the ESA PECS Arrangement no. 98061 (2008 - 2010).
To test the Grid based processing eGLE has used the SEE-GRID Infrastructure by collaboration with the SEE-GRID SCI Project: SEE-GRID eInfrastructure for regional eScience, co-founded by the European Commission. (Contract no. 211338, 2008 - 2010).
eGLE Platform has been also integrated in the EnviroGRIDS Portal, enabling the users of this federated application to create reports and training materials that include direct feeds from partner supported OGC web services or to access information published by the specialized Bashyt API.

More information

Official product page can be found on the Computer Graphics and Interactive Systems research center website: