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Grid based Training Environment for Earth Observation

Year: 2009
Type of Publication: In Proceedings
Authors: Gorgan, Dorian; Ştefănuţ, Teodor; Bâcu, Victor
The content of the satellite images supplies information on the earth surface, weather, clime, geographic areas, pollution, and natural phenomena. Unfortunately, the real time supervision and the teaching related techniques require high computation and massive spatial data storage resources. This paper presents the Grid oriented GiSHEO eLearning Environment (eGLE) supporting the training and experimental practice in Earth Observation (EO). eGLE facilitates specific access for the academic and scientific community to on-demand services related to specific EO applications. The teachers have the ability to easily create lessons for different topics, supporting both the knowledge presentation and Grid based processing. The eGLE environment is based on the gProcess platform developed through the MedioGrid national project. The gProcess platform consists of a set of tools supporting the flexible description, instantiation, scheduling and execution of the workflow based Grid processing.