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Grid based Environment Application Development Methodology

Year: 2010
Type of Publication: In Proceedings
Keywords: Environment application, development methodology, Grid workflow, process description
Authors: Gorgan, Dorian; Ştefănuţ, Teodor; Bâcu, Victor; Mihon, Dănuț; Rodilă, Denisa
The satellite image oriented processing in the Grid based environment applications needs flexible tools, process description and execution in order to reveal significant information. The main processing consists of imagery classification which is actually a search of information through combinations of multispectral bands of satellite data. The Grid based application development process should assist the developer to implement required functionality, but making transparent to the user the Grid complexity and the mapping of the conceptual application over the physical Grid resources. The paper exemplifies the gProcess based Grid application development methodology throughout the development phases of the GreenView environment application, and analyzes the efficiency of such an approach. The primary aim of the GreenView application is the refinement of surface and vegetation parameters in SEE and CE regions based on satellite images. The GreenView application is based on ESIP platform, which lies on the gProcess toolset specific satellite image processing operators and services.