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Navigation throughout Object Space on Wireless Terminal

Year: 2007
Type of Publication: In Proceedings
Keywords: Spatial Information Sciences, LBS, GIS, mapping, user interface, mobile, object space navigation
Authors: Gorgan, Dorian; Borlea, Tudor
Application running on wireless terminals and providing interaction techniques through a graphical user interface requires a high communication rate. Commonly such a user interaction involves just navigation within image space over a raster image. The interaction is supported mainly by the interface objects such as the usual buttons and menus. The paper presents the research and the experimental results on the interaction and navigation techniques through the application space, which is actually the real object space. The experiments concern with the interaction by street network at various levels of details, and the adaptive selection accuracy of the user cursor. The work is an extension of the TUGIS platform to support the development of LBS applications. The purpose is to provide all the functionality of the TUGIS system, adapted to the very specific and restricted context of the wireless mobile platforms. For this purpose, new interaction modes have been researched, as well as ways to transfer data more efficiently and economically. Some practical tests on smart phone are presented as well.