Interactive Tracing and Graphical Annotation in Pen-based E-Learning

Funded by European Commission through the Socrates Minerva Programme (October 2004 – December 2007)

The new generation of handheld computers and input devices (e.g. the Tablet PC), plus the recent advances in web annotation technologies, allow novel, more realistic interactions with instructional contents, enabling activities such as hand-written notetaking and graphical annotation of documents and images within the same integrated medium, while also affording the benefit of mobility.

These technologies offer unique educational opportunities where graphical interaction can be used by learners to collaborate via multimodal channels or to obtain novel types of feedback. The project aims at gaining experience with the pedagogical, organisational, design, development and assessment issues involved in introducing advanced graphical interaction in elearning and m-learning environments, and at developing a reference model for using, within the ODL, the classroom or the mobile frameworks, technology allowing graphical input and early forms of multimodal interaction, both in stand-alone and collaborative learning settings.

Such experience will be gained by field testing a variety of possible uses of pen-based interaction in several learning contexts (drawn from the medical, engineering and design fields). Outputs of the project will be guidelines, pilot learning environments/modules based on pen-based interaction, comparative field studies, an international workshop, proposals for standards, research reports, and a website for dissemination.